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Dental Implants

Dental implants were invented in Sweden in the early 1960's and are regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Dental implant companies must meet very stringent guidelines so your treatment will have the best possible outcome.

The placement of dental implants is performed by an Oral Surgeon, or a Periodontist. This is usually done in an office setting with mild sedation to make you comfortable.

There are many applications for dental implants. For full denture patients (those without any teeth), implant dentures can be made that are fixed onto the implants, or they can be made where they are removable and snap-in with attachments. Implants can also be used to replace a single tooth with an abutment and a crown, or multiple teeth with porcelain implant bridges.


The cost is based on a combination of the surgical aspect (Oral Surgeon) and the tooth restoration (Our Part). The oral surgeon's fee will be separate. Your total treatment fee will depend on the number of implants and type of final restoration. A treatment plan with all the fees will be presented to you for your approval before the case is started in a private and caring manner.  We offer financing with Care Credit. For a full upper OR full lower replacement of teeth supported by implants our office cost will range from $4800 to $15,500 depending on how many implants are placed, and whether the prosthesis is removable (snap-in) or fixed.  Single tooth replacement with implants range from $1950 to $2250 which includes a custom abutment and a porcelain crown.  We really need to examine your situation, see what your mouth structures look like, and find out exactly what you want before we can give you an exact price.  Our fees are fair, and you will have our office taking care of you after your case is complete.  Remember: If you have your implants done at another destination city, who is going to take care of your work if it breaks or implants fail?

Dr. Ramos Boyd belongs to the Academy of Osseointegration which is a post graduate organization providing continuing education and research information on Dental Implants.  Please go to their sites for more information on dental implants for patients.


All on 4 teeth in a day implants

The All on 4 Concept replaces all of your teeth on top or bottom with just four implants.  This method uses the minimal amount of implants in an economical manner to replace bad teeth or a denture.

Here is the sequence of doing the All on 4:

  • You will have an exam at our office where you receive an explanation of the treatment, a written plan of cost, and a referral to one of our Team Oral Surgeons.
  • We will make an ideal temporary bridge.
  • Surgery day the implants are placed by the oral surgeon, then Dr. Ramos Boyd will place the temporary bridge (you will not go without teeth).
  • 3-4 Months later, Dr. Ramos Boyd will make the final bridge.  This procedure can be done on the upper, lower, or both arches the same day.

Here is a Photo Essay of the All on 4 Concept.  Photos are actual images of our patients.

Missing and Broken Teeth in the Upper/Top arch.






Missing and Broken Teeth trying to smile.Broken teeth before all on 4






Artist's Image of the Upper All on 4.All on 4 Dr. Burkholder





Final All on 4 Upper Bridge is in Place.All on 4 Teeth in a Day Dr. Burkholder






Final All on 4 Upper Bridge with Smile and a Happy Patient!Teeth in a Day All on 4 Dr. Burkholder






over denture on two implantsThis is an economical way to use Dental Implants to secure a denture.  Two implants with a removable denture.





over denture in two implants keepersHere is the under surface showing the keepers that snap onto the implants






smiling with implant over dentureHere is the smiling patient that has a secure lower denture.






Dental Implant Information

















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