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For missing teeth, there are several options. Traditional porcelain bridges can be provided that are fixed on the teeth and are not removable. These are cosmetically pleasing and can be delivered in a relatively short time span. Dental implants are also an option allowing teeth to be replaced without disturbing the adjacent teeth. Implants are also an exciting option to having full dentures.

In the past, if a patient wanted dental implants it was a one year or more ordeal to have their teeth removed, a denture placed, the implants placed, then the final prosthesis delivered. Now, we are removing the hopeless teeth, placing implants, and delivering a temporary bridge the SAME DAY. Using this method there is less pain the day of placement, and less time spent overall on the case.

Please see the following case of a 40 year old woman who wanted all her teeth out to have dentures. She then decided to get upper and lower fixed implant bridges. All the photos are taken by my staff, and is our work.


Her teeth were loose, decayed, out of alignment, and she would hardly smile.




Temporary Bridges

This is 3 months after implant placement. She is ready to have the final porcelain bridges made. Notice she is smiling now.




Completed Case

After: Here is the view of the completed case. The upper and lower porcelain bridges are placed. You can see how she smiles now with confidence. She was given a custom fitted night guard to protect the porcelain.

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